Volume & Issue: Volume 29, Issue 2, April 2014 

Scientific - Research

Confirmation of repulsion molecular markers linked to rhizomania resistance gene (Rz1) and evaluation of gene dose effect in sugar beet genotypes

Pages 133-145


P. Norouzi; D. Rahmani; S. Oroojalian; S.B. Mahmoudi; M. Aghaiezadeh; M. Kakueinezhad; M.R. Orazizadeh; S. Vahedi; M.R. Fathi

Identification and biological control of microbial rotting agents of stored beets in sugar industry

Pages 161-147


S. Noori; N.S. Naghavi; M. Mohammadi Sichani; M. Gol Gol Jam; Mohammad Ali Zia