Correlation between nucleus chromosomes number and chloroplasts number in sugar beet stomatal guard cells

Document Type : Scientific and Research


Sugar Beet Seed Institute (SBSI), Karaj, Iran


For many breeding programs of sugar beet, determination of ploidy levels is necessary. In this respect the commonly used method id counting the number of chromososomes or using flowcytometre. In this investigation it was tried to find a simple method for determination of ploidy levels through the epidermis, and to find its correlation with the number of chromosomes. Seeds of 9 lines of sugar beet were planted in a greenhouse. The apical meistem of seedlings were assessed by squash method to determine the ploidy levels after 2 months. In this study to plants of each three diploid (2n=18) triploid (3n=24) and tetraploid 94n=36) progeny lines were tested. According to results, the average number of chloroplasts in each guard cell of diploid triploid and tetraploid plants were 7,67, 9,73  and 11,80,  respectively. In addition, 85% of chloroplasts number variations belonged to linear regression equation of chromosomal number.